Because all the games are in one place, you’ll never again have to go through the torrent of internet sites referring us to unrelated or average games.


a really well designed and functional App

Dave Miers

it is a very handy app to have readily available for those moments when you’re killing time in the parking lot with kids or you need a game idea quick because the game you originally planned just flopped flat on it’s face

Tim Schmoyer –

The App is brilliant

Timothy Stevens

I can remember many a Friday night or planning for a camp where this app would have come in handy!

Steve Kryger –

Games in your pocket for any setting

Youth Ministry Media

It’s simple, easy to use even for an iPhone novice, and you understand how to run a game as a result of using it. Within seconds, I was able to find exactly the sort of game I might have been looking for in the hypothetical situations I was concocting in my head.

Nath Carter


Will this App be updated?

Yes. Group Games will be updated to include new games.

How much does Group Games cost?

Group Games sells for $1.99 on the App Store (that’s less than 2¢ a game!).

I don’t have an iPhone, will there be an Android version?

If there is enough demand for Group Games, then it may be adapted for Android devices. Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date.

Is there a special iPad version of Group Games?

Yes! And no… Group Games is a single App which supports both iPad and iPhone. Two for the price of one!

Does Group Games function in both portrait and landscape?

Group Games is portrait only for iPhone but looks great in both portrait and landscape for iPad.

Where can I buy Group Games?

Group Games is sold exclusively on the App Store.

Does Group Games work on the iPod Touch as well as the iPhone?

Yes. Group Games is fully compatible with iPhones and iPod Touches.



Version History

2.0  October 3, 2013

- New Favourites view! Save all of your favourite games by tapping the star in the top right hand corner.

- iPad compatibility! App is now universal and uses a two-column view on iPad (Both portrait and landscape).

- Games have been completely edited.

- Redesign to fit in with iOS7.

- How-To dialogue box only shows when first opening App (always available in ‘More’ tab).

- New ‘More’ view with How-To, About and Disclaimer.

- New “Rate this App” pop-up (can be ignored).

- Re-Drawn App icon to be pixel perfect.

- New launch screen images.

- Fixed bug regarding pressing the back button after sending an email from ‘Find Someone Who…’ or ‘Scategories’.

- Fixed bug where scrolling could cause you to accidentally tap on a game.

- More games will be coming in future updates!

1.3  March 27, 2013

- 7 new games! Including: Balloon Wars, Most Passes, Stuck In The Mud, Dart Relay, Sleeping Lions, Mirroring and Hand Up.

- Removed shine from App icon.

1.2  October 12, 2012

- 2 new categories (Oval Games and Attention Grabbers)

- 10 new games! Including: Do This Do That, The Question Game, Octopus, Eagles Nest, Worm Rush, The Gauntlet, Shout Relay, Special Clap, Sign Language and I’m Going To An Island.

- iPhone 5 display support

- Removed instructions from Selector

1.1  July 6, 2012

- 10 new games! Including: Spaceship Tip, Paint Twister, Secret Actor, Paper Wars, Sing That Jingle, Chinese Pictionary, Balloon Volleyball, Group Story, Spaghettitionary and Suit Corners.

- Hi-res tab icons for Retina display devices.

- Fixed a bug where unselecting certain options in the ‘Selector’ wouldn’t cause the ‘Go’ button to disappear.

1.0.1  12 May, 2012

- Minor bug fixes and edits

1.0  24 April, 2012

- Launched with over 100 games!

Write About Group Games

If you would like to write about Group Games, you can download the following PDF for links to screenshots. I can also send you codes for you and your readers to receive free copies of the App. Please contact me for more information.

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